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Personal Training- in person

Personal Training Teddington

Personal training is undoubtedly the most effective way to train, whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle or get fitter. Not only do you get one to one supervision to ensure that you are exercising safely and effectively, you will receive expert advice and support for achieving your specific goals out of the gym too.

From the very first consultation session we will discuss your goals, lifestyle and the challenges you face. A physical assessment will be conducted so that your program can be structured according to your fitness levels and address any weaknesses, imbalances or injuries you may have.

You will have access to a superb facility with a wide range of training options and equipment that will be utilised to give you varied workouts that will not only keep you motivated but provide fresh stimulus for your body to adapt, grow stronger and fitter.

Take a look below at the specialist areas I work in and how I can help you achieve your goals.




Losing weight is a serious challenge which requires a change to your usual nutrition and exercise habits. It can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start and feel your efforts will be wasted. After identifying your current lifestyle challenges we give you a clear focus on what you need to do, a structured personal training program with progress checks and all the support you will need to stay on track to achieve one of the most fulfilling and rewarding transformations. Feel good, look great.


Sometimes even the smallest changes can feel difficult to achieve. If your past training routine didn’t quite hit the spot, a personal trainer will give fresh perspective and help you implement the changes that will get you in tip top shape, as well as feeling strong, supple and energised.  With one to one personal training sessions you will be expertly guided through each exercise, ensuring you perform movements correctly and with the right amount of effort.


It takes commitment to build a more muscular or leaner physique. Our personal trainer, James will guide you through the most effective exercises and intensity, teach correct form, and educate you on the different nutrition phases. There is no short-term success story, you will steadily grow muscle and shed fat to give you the chiseled look and sustain it. The new sense of pride and confidence in having the body shape you want is hard to beat.




Regular exercise will always make you feel fitter, but if you have a specific focus or want to see great improvements, your training program will need to ensure the best use of every session. It is important to use the correct training loads combined with the right recovery strategy for optimum results and to avoid fatigue or injury. We test your CV fitness and movement from the outset and create a program aligned to your goals with regular progress checks.


Do you want to become a faster, more efficient runner or cyclist? Are you looking to reduce injuries, improve strength and improve your PB, or just beat your friends in your next sporting challenge? After a thorough assessment we design a program that will balance out weaknesses, improve strength for your required discipline and get you moving better and more efficiently even away from your sport.

Recommended 1-2 x 60 min/week


Whether you want to be stronger for your normal daily activities, or see serious strength gains in a specific discipline, we carefully select the right strategy for you to make the most of your efforts. Mobility and proper conditioning are imperative, so this is reflected in the training program which is catered to your current level and adjusted at the pace of your improvement.

Recommended 1-2 x 60 min/week




Personal training doesn’t always have to be about transformations or performance gains. Indeed, your health and wellness always comes first and foremost. Huge improvements in quality of life can be felt from even a modest, but sensibly planned exercise and nutrition routine.  Feel more energetic, stronger, more flexible, more confident and less stressed.

Recommended 2-3 x 45 min/week


Poor posture is endemic among professionals due to our working environment, lifestyle and love of technology. Sitting for long periods is one of the biggest modern age health concerns, and is responsible for problems like rounded shoulders and hip rotation. This is where having a personal trainer really pays off by having someone observe and assess your movement. Our program of corrective exercises is very simple and can be incorporated into a regular regime to banish pains, niggles, increase energy levels and productivity.

Recommended 1-2 x 30 min/week


Improving core strength and function can have a profound affect on the rest of your body and often reduce incidences of pain, or injury. This part of your personal training program takes you through the strengthening exercises most relevant to you, and will show you how to move properly whilst increasing your confidence to return to normal activities.

Recommended 1-2 x 30 min/week

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